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Connect with us daily as we confess life, prosperity, and all the goodness of the Lord over our lives. 

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Connect To Our Live Service Through Our Online Radio

 Station every Sunday from 8AM – 12 PM (CAT)

Have You Received JESUS CHRIST?

You have now found what the world has been searching for!

Every government in the world is searching for a perfect world with no sickness, no crime and no poverty. There is only One Country that has that and it’s called HEAVEN. To get there one must have eternal life. Jesus Christ is the only way to get there and He is the only One that gives eternal life. That means to get to a world with no disease and no poverty you MUST be BORN AGAIN! Believe in Jesus Christ.

Eternal life means no more death forever. It’s a Life of Righteousness, Peace and Joy in The Holy Spirit and it begins HERE AND NOW!

The world as a whole is searching for heaven and as individuals you are searching for eternal life. The world cannot create heaven for themselves so they have settled for democracy – mans best plan for a perfect world that has been clearly exposed as failure.

Our Vision

The Vision of House of Grace International is to eliminate poverty through the teaching and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that in our time, poverty is the main reason behind all the chaos we see all over the world and it spreads even more through the love of money. 

1 Timothy 6:10 says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, but notice it doesn’t say that money is the root of all evil, it says the ‘love’ of money is the problem.

1 Timothy 2:4 tells us that God desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth, our vision beholds that Vision by eliminating poverty through preaching the good news of Jesus Christ the only mediator between God and man. 

Our Belief

In this House we believe in the blessing of Abraham which is our wealth, we believe in God prospering us as His people in order to accomplish His mission- the time is near- the Day of the Lord is at hand, He is about to appear in the clouds and rapture His Church. We must preach this gospel and spread it over the world and I believe that God has chosen to use you as a vessel in this ministry to complete His work. 

1 Peter 2:9 says that you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood and have been called out of darkness into His marvellous light. You are now of the Kingdom of Light, a child of God born of the Spirit of God.

Rabbi Siza


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Your Journey Starts Now
>> A New Creation <<

It is important to understand that this is just the beginning of your journey. The Lord has so much in store for you! So much life, so much peace, prosperity and joy! Just like any new born you need milk to grow.

1 Peter 2:2 says that as new borns, desire the pure milk of the Word of God so that you can grow. Your spirit is now alive- who you thought you were has been a lie all along. You are not your flesh. You are not your past experiences.

Man is a triune being, meaning you are three in one. It is the ‘spirit’ of the man which is the real you; it is the ‘soul’ of the man where your mind is and then lastly the ‘body’ of the man which is your flesh.

The step you have taken in giving your life to Jesus by confessing Him as you Lord and Saviour, is the salvation of the ‘spirit’.

But in order to grow in the spirit and actually experience the life that Jesus has made available for you, your ‘soul’ or mind also must be saved and this happens through the teaching of The Word of God.

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Families Fed

In 2020, as HOGI, we fed over a thousand people and I believe as a ministry we will impact thousands of souls in 2021. And at the end of the year, our determination will put us in a good position to begin feeding atleast a thousand people a day in the year 2022- to ABBA be the glory!

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Teachings Library

The Word of God is God's best for you. The best way to grow spiritually is by immersing yourself in it. Everything you need and desire is locked up in the Word of God. It is the single best way to grow spiritually. We have created a library of teachings, by Rabbi Siza, just for you to immerse yourself in for the renewal of your mind. Your life can never stay the same after you engage with the wisdom therein

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To eliminate poverty through the preaching & teaching of the gospel of jesus christ